Understanding Amazon’s Low-Inventory Fee

When Amazon announced their new fee structure for 2024, they introduced a new “low-inventory” fee. This fee penalizes sellers if they don’t keep enough inventory in stock for their FBA SKUs. Unfortunately, Amazon kinda sucks at explaining things. So here’s how this fee works and how to avoid it. What is the Low-Inventory Fee? The … Read more

Growing Amazon Sales with Content Marketing

creating content on amazon to increase conversions and sales

Content is king. Even on Amazon. What a customer reads, sees, and experiences when they interact with your brand is vital to your brand’s success. And Amazon is no exception. Over the past few years, Amazon’s introduced more programs, tools, and features that really do make Seller Central a true content marketing platform. Don’t believe … Read more

Amazon Logistics – Strategies for 2024

leverage fulfillit as a 3pl for amazon

Amazon’s new fee structure changes a lot about selling on the platform. But it more than just moving fees around, it fundamentally redefines what Amazon thinks is important for fulfillment purposes. The topic of logistics and selling on Amazon has always been a loaded and confusing topic, and we think we have some strategies that … Read more

All 2024 Amazon Fee Changes Explained

There are a lot of Amazon fee changes coming in 2024. In a mass email sent out to sellers, Amazon explained all of the changes…but it was still very confusing. So in this article we want to break the changes down, to make them easier to understand. Calculate Your Fees for 2024 We’ve built a … Read more

Post-BFCM Amazon Strategies

So much effort goes into ensuring that Amazon sellers maximize their sales and profits for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what about after that? It’s important to make sure that you’re playing the long game with your advertising and promotions. So here are some strategies to implement on Amazon after BFCM to make sure … Read more

How to Sell Your Book on Amazon: A Guide for Authors

So you wrote a book and now you want to sell it on Amazon. And Amazon’s a great place to sell your book because everyone’s there. But as you’re looking for how to do that, all you can find is about how to sell other authors’ books, and you want to sell yours. But…how do … Read more

Amazon SAPS – What is it and how does it work?

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Maybe you got an email recently from Amazon about the Selection by Amazon Physical Stores (SAPS program). This is an invite-only program, which means that it’s hard to pinpoint how long it’s been around. But we wanted to give you the breakdown on what this program is and how it works. We read through all … Read more

Creating an Amazon Video Ad: The Perfect Formula

When we bring up creating an Amazon video ad with our clients, there’s usually some trepidation. “Video’s expensive!” But that’s only kind of true because there’s a direct correlation between the quality of your creative assets and your conversion rate on Amazon. Essentially, how you look determines how well you sell. And that correlation can’t … Read more

What is Amazon Creator Connections, and How Do You Use It?

Amazon’s new Creator Connections tool allows sellers to connect with social media, blogging, and content influencers to promote their products. Influencer marketing has been around for a long time, but for most brands, it’s difficult to find a good match for their products. Additionally, negotiating brand deals is an arduous process that can take up … Read more

21 Things Every Amazon Seller Should Do (That Most Aren’t Doing)

There’s a lot that goes into building a successful and profitable Amazon Store. Sellers often find themselves getting set up, doing some “standard” optimizations, and then sitting on their hands because they don’t know what else to do. And it makes sense, pretty much everywhere you turn for help, you’re told to do the same … Read more