Recommended Software and Services

Seller Investigators monitors FBA shipments and file and manage reimbursement cases on your behalf. When Amazon loses your inventory in their warehouses, they take a proactive approach to helping you recover the lost revenue, so you don't have to get bogged down in the tedious process of case management.

Helium 10 offers one of the most comprehensive software suites available to Amazon sellers out there. From product research, to keyword validation, to sales predictions and data, Helium 10 has it all. Sellers who use our link get 10% off their subscription for life with code BLAZON10. Or, sellers can get 20% off for six months with code BLAZON20.

Fulfillit is a fulfillment network that allows sellers to build out their own distributed logistics system. With fulfillment centers across the US, Fulfillit gives sellers the ability to maximize their ability to stay in stock, avoid fees, and mitigate issues that come with using FBA.

Riverbend Consulting specializes in account health issues and account reinstatement. They know everything there is to get your penalized account back up and running the way it should be. The mysterious performance notifications you get--Riverbend can solve them.

The legal side of running a seller account can be absolutely horrendous. That's where IdeaLegal comes in. Their firm specializes in trademark protection, Brand Registry, and IP Accelerator. So if you're worried about making sure that you're in the clear, legally speaking, IdeaLegal has your back.

AMZAlert offers listing tracking software. You can keep track of listing attributes like images, product descriptions, buybox seller, and much more. You can use the software to monitor your own listings, or monitor the listings of competitors. AMZAlert keeps an eye on things 24/7 so you don't have to. You can set up alerts for different listing attributes so you can put your time toward more important things in your account. Use code BLAZON15.

PPC Entourage is a software offered by Carbon6 that focuses on helping sellers automate tedious processes, allowing them to free up time and grow sales at an accelerated pace. With assisted setup and sliding-scale pricing. It's easy to incorporate into your current ad strategies to immediately start saving time and growing sales.

Teikametrics is a state of the art advertising automation tool that helps you cut back on wasted time and spend in your efforts. Using their powerful AI tool, you can generate unbeatable advertising and insights across not only your Amazon sales channel, but also Walmart and Target. Save time and money while growing your sales with Teikametrics!

Amazon doesn't make it easy to get data on how your account, but ManageByStats does. ManageByStats pulls data from orders, sales, payments, and advertising together in customizable dashboards. This allows you to compare metrics and pull insights that are not available otherwise, so you can troubleshoot issues, find problem sources, and make appropriate adjustments.

SoStocked is fully customizable inventory software for Amazon. Using personalized algorithms, SoStocked allows you to project FBA usage, sales, inventory levels, as well as track shipments and inventory transfers. Set up alerts for what makes sense for your business. Never let your inventory go to zero with SoStocked.

Wasatch Studio provides some of the best product photography and digital asset generation in the business. With fair prices, beautiful creative, and professional communication, Wasatch Studio can take your listings to the next level!

No one likes taxes, and they can be especially hard in the ecommerce space. Aqueduct Tax specializes in helping sellers keep track of everything they need to handle taxes correctly. Using industry best practices, they handle not only your Amazon sales, but eBay, website, Walmart, and more!

Once you've established sales in the US, the next question is how do you expand globally? Each marketplace has different regulations and compliance issues to deal with. Fortunately, Frisbi has your back. From figuring out VAT to import duties and customs, Frisbi is the industry expert in helping Amazon sellers take their sales to the world.

AdAdvance is the premiere Amazon PPC management and technology agency. In addition to the standard Amazon Advertising Console, AdAdvance also helps you leverage Amazon DSP to boost sales. Using proprietary software and a human approach, they help you outsmart your competition, not outspend them. Take control of your Amazon adspend by working with AdAdvance.

DataDive is one of the most effective product research software to have in your Amazon toolbelt. Aggregating data across the Amazon platform and top tool databases, DataDive lets you gather insights on how products are performing, what products are profitable, and what can be improved about a product. For your next product launch, use DataDive.

BuyItLive is one of the most innovative ecommerce tools out there. While not a tool for Amazon, it is super useful tool for selling your products on your website via your social media channels. If you ever do live social media, BuyItLive is a tool you're not going to want to leave out.

The Brand Heaven is a one-stop-shop for listing optimization. From content writing to A+ content optimization, The Brand Heaven can to quality work at an affordable price.

Perci AI is the perfect content creation tool. Perci uses your keyword research to construct titles, bullets, descriptions, and backend keywords for you Amazon product listings. Intuitive, simple, and effective.