A Privacy Policy Page That Doesn’t Suck

No one likes these pages, but they’re legally required, so we’re going to do our best to not bore you to death. No matter who you are, where you are, or why you’re accessing our website, you need to know the following things about how we collect and use information we gather from you.

Specifically, we’re looking at:

  • Who gets your information?
  • What information do they get?
  • How is that information used?
  • What you can do about it.

Who Gets Your Information?

We (BLAZON LLC) will gather information from you as you use our website, services, or otherwise interact with our brand. We think privacy is important, so we don’t intend to gather any more information than we think is useful in order to make your experience better. The types of information that we’ll commonly gather include:

  • Your name and/or your company’s name
  • Your address and/or your company’s address
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Information regarding how you used our website or services (for example, which buttons you clicked on a page)

Additionally, we use some tools to help us make things better here at BLAZON. These tools may also gather information from you that we then have access to. These are pretty common tools and services, and our goal is to try and use the data to be more useful, not creepy or invasive.

The tools we use to help us gather data include:

  • Google — which helps us see how users access our website, but they don’t include any personal information. For example, Google can tell us what searches brought users to which pages and how many of them were using a mobile device to do so. But they don’t tell us who that user is.
  • MailerLite: This is the emailing software we use send newsletters. It can tell us who opted into a form, who received emails, and whether or not they opened it and clicked on a link.

To the best of our knowledge, Google owns the data they collect (we just have access to it), and we own the data MailerLite collects. These are the only ways we’re gathering data right now.

What Information Do They Get?

As mentioned before, the information we gather is pretty basic. Names, email addresses, phone numbers, company names, etc.

We don’t own or use any software that accesses your device’s microphone or camera. We also can’t gather data outside of our website and forms. So we don’t know what apps you use, and we certainly don’t know if you’re interested in a new vacuum or anything like that (although, if you find a good one, let us know–we could use a better one).

Also as mentioned before, a lot of this data isn’t data that we collect–it’s data that Google collects. We don’t know what phone your using. But if you’re signed in with Google, they probably do. And they’ll tell us.

In fact, unless you deliberately opt-in to something we have on our website, we don’t gather any data on you. We might just access data that you’re giving another company that we’re given in return.

With that in mind, we want to point out that we do NOT sell any of your information to anyone else.

Affiliate Links

Quick note on affiliate links: we recommend that our clients use certain software or services when they work with us. It’s totally optional, our clients don’t have to do what we recommend. However, if they do, we frequently have affiliate agreements set up with these 3P tools and services.

Using these links to sign up for a software or service does not cost the client any more than not using them. But the company we’re affiliated with does give us a comparatively small compensation for each user who signs up with our links.

Again, no one has to use our links for anything. But we thought we’d let you know.

How Is Information Used?

Look, it’s no secret. We use your information to try and sell you a service. Our agency offers services to Amazon Sellers, and we’re trying to get people to purchase those services.

We try our best to be as transparent as possible about that. Although, we think it’s pretty obvious, anyway.

It’s not complicated.

What You Can Do About It

Obviously, you do not have to use any of our services or websites. We try to be useful, but we have no interest in invading your privacy.

If you use our website, or you opt into a form, or otherwise give us your information, we’ll use it. But you don’t need to give us your information.

Now, if you give Google or some other tool we use your information and we have access to it–we’ll probably use it if we can. But look, you don’t have to give anyone your information on the internet.

You could set up a Proton email account, open a private Brave browser window, and use a VPN to browse the internet. It would be pretty difficult to figure out who you are if you do that.

Not even Google would know.

And we wouldn’t either.

However, if we end up gathering data from you, and you want us to get rid of it. We can do that. We’re legally required to, and we don’t want to bother you anyway.

If you want us to delete any information we have that belongs to you, just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get rid of it.